We are sisters-in-law who happen to love each other more than most people love their in-laws. We each have established careers as licensed social workers and have experience in diverse therapeutic and school settings throughout Colorado, Illinois, and Michigan.  

Over the last few years we have repeatedly heard women in our professional and personal communities say they feel a general loss of connection, a need for renewed strength and restoration, and a desire to find their unique purpose and identity.  This, along with good old-fashioned life experience, has brought us to the start of Metta & Moxie. We hope we are privileged to meet you at one of our retreats very soon!


Jess Jarrard

Jess Jarrard, LMSW, RYT-200 is a licensed social worker and yoga teacher residing in the metro-detroit area.  She has extensive experience working as a therapist with children and families in foster care/adoption, and was a school social worker for seven years in several elementary schools throughout Illinois and Michigan. In 2017, after resigning from the school setting to stay home with her three young boys, Jess decided to take a yoga teacher training. This twelve week training helped develop her desire to work with women struggling with identity, feelings of loneliness and alienation, and a lack of self worth.  She teaches yoga on a weekly basis at Practice Yoga Studio [practiceyogastudios.com] in Birmingham, MI and is passionate about spreading Metta everywhere she goes. Jess feels she is living out her purpose and loves using her professional skills and personal gifts to help women remember they are truly enough.


Jesse Carollo

Jesse Carollo, LMSW recently moved back to Michigan after several years of living in the Rocky Mountains where she went to Graduate School for clinical social work, focusing on trauma and recovery. In Colorado, Jesse practiced as an individual, child, and family therapist with a strong focus on trauma treatment and recovery. One of her passions is continuing to learn how our minds and bodies are resilient enough to heal and even thrive after hardships. Upon her return to Michigan, Jesse practiced as a therapist in a private practice setting and has recently made the transition to staying home with her daughter full time. Jesse has had several personal experiences that have tested and taught her about Moxie, and strongly believes we are not made to live this sometimes hard and painful life alone. Jesse believes that trials can actually bring to light how very strong and courageous you are.